Beginning in July, you will need to be 21 and over to buy nicotine products in Illinois. Should Kentucky and Indiana introduce the same law?

According to our media partner, Eyewitness News, Illinois governor, J.B. Pritzker signed a bill to require residents of Illinois to be at least 21 years old to purchase nicotine products. The law covers both tobacco and vaping products.

Illinois will be the 8th state to raise the age to 21.

Would it be a good idea for Indiana and Kentucky to sign a bill raising the legal age to 21?

The popularity of vaping has become a growing concern among many, as a lot of youth have taken up vaping. I know that here in the Tri-State, it's not uncommon to see many younger folks smoking and dipping underage.

With many still somehow getting their hands on tobacco and nicotine products under the age of 18, do you think that signing this law will lead to a decrease of underage usage? Do you think there will be an increase of out of state sales going up for those under 21 buying these products in a boarding state?

This topic draws a lot of questions, concerns, and complaints. What are your thoughts?


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