A new DIY wood sign workshop and wine class will be coming to the Tri-State! It's called Board and Brush Creative Studio and it will be a fun night full of crafts and wine. Yes, I said crafts and wine...do I have your attention now?

You will be a "DIY Master" in no time at Board and Brush Evansville. They will teach you all the skills during your session to create an awesome farmhouse, vintage design to hand up in your home. According to Board and Brush's website,

our goal is to turn you into a “DIY master” by educating you to understand and appreciate the beauty of raw materials—the wood, the knots, the color variations and the simple imperfections that will make your project unique. Distressing, sanding with the grain, and staining are a few of the important steps we will guide you through to make your personalized wood sign look as though it has been with you for years—like a vintage heirloom.

You might be thinking to  yourself "I know nothing about power tools and wood working. How am I going to do this?!" Well, Board and Brush will teach you and your friends everything you need to know while you are there. Plus you get to enjoy some wine in the process, so it's a win win!

The creative studio has yet to announce an opening date, however, they will be announcing their Grand Opening in the near future. Board and Brush will be located at 4909 Theater Dr. on Evansville's East Side. Check out a little taste of what you can expect!

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