Lately, my husband and I have looked around our house, which we have been working on for 12 years, and thought to ourselves, we are so done with this place.

It's been a major headache that we thought might send us to divorce court. We should have just bulldozed it down and started fresh with a brand new house. But, instead, we decided to fix it up and do most of the work ourselves. Because of our busy lives, we have moved at a snail's pace in the renovation race. Now, over a decade later, we need to update and we aren't even finished with the first update. It's stressful and exhausting.

I think that's why we love our camper so much. It's brand new and it's finished. We prefer to stay in our camper than our own home. We also like to stay in Airbnbs or Vrbos. The ones we stay at are always decorated perfectly and everyh=thing is finished and super clean. Unlike our house. LOL

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When we chose to stay someplace else, we try to stay close. One of our favorite places to go, with our camper, is Dale Hollow Lake, in KY. Dale Hollow is situated right on the Kentucky-Tennessee border and it is absolutely beautiful.

Just a few weeks ago, a brand new vacation home owned its doors to guests. This lake-view home is so amazing. I mean it is breathtaking. I'm already trying to gather my friends and family to book a stay. It's booked through Vrbo and it sleeps, 16 people. Wait until you see inside this magnificent home.

Brand New Dale Hollow Vacation Home Is Beautiful With Huge Indoor Pool, Diving Board and Incredible Lake Views

A vacation home to meet everyone's needs.

For rental information, click HERE.

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