When a guy wears cologne, he typically wears it to smell decent or to impress a lady. There's a new cologne on the market that MIGHT do one of those two things for a fella. A fragrance company called Demeter just released a new scent that makes you smell like KITTENS. I wish I was making this up, but this is real life, folks. It's called "Kitten Fur," and according to their website, it can be described as, "the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort [from] just behind a kitten's neck."


A four-ounce bottle costs $40 at DemeterFragrance.com.  You can also get a sample for $3, a bottle of kitten-scented body wash for $20, or some kitten-scented lotion for $22. Having said that, if you're like me, and allergic to cats, smelling like a cat isn't even worth $3....but they do have other unique scents that are intriguing. Demeter also carries such scents as "Baby Powder," "Gin and Tonic," "Laundromat," "Giant Sequoia," "Grass," and "Dirt," just to name a few.

So if one of those scents doesn't impress a lady, don't give up hope with Demeter. As I am writing this, I am currently perusing through all of their different scents....and let me tell you, I am seriously considering purchasing some of the scents from this list. There's a little something for everyone with Demeter, so give it a look!


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