Here’s the broad picture: Hollywood is, at least temporarily, coming to a halt. To mitigate and slow the spread of coronavirus and lessen the danger to production crews, studios, networks, and production companies are all going on hiatus.

The latest specific example, according to New York Times reporter John Koblin, Netflix is stopping production “on all scripted TV series and films in the US and Canada for at least two weeks.” The decision, he notes, “will affect dozens of shows/movies.”

By one account, Netflix is scheduled to spend “$17 billion” on original content in 2020. They release new films and shows every single week of the year, and original content appears there almost daily. There’s no way to know what the shutdown will do to the company’s upcoming release calendar. There’s no way to know much of anything right now about how long Hollywood will be down, and when it will get back up and running.

Here is Koblin’s original tweet.

We’ll bring you updates as we get them.

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