This Easter Sunday was unlike any I have ever experienced in my life. Instead of the normal routine of getting together with one side of the family or the other for Easter lunch, my family and I, like nearly everyone else, stayed home and practiced social distancing like we're supposed to for the time being. But we still managed to do some of the standard Easter traditions, candy, an egg hunt in the yard (thanks to my mother-in-law who at some point showed up at our house and hid plastic eggs around our yard), etc. My wife even came up with a possible new tradition, egg roulette.

The game goes like this, take a dozen eggs and only boil half of them. After they've cooled, put them all back in the carton, mixed in with the raw eggs. Each person then picks an egg, and smashes it against their head. If you get hard-boiled egg, you're still in the game. Get a raw one, and you literally have egg on your face. Plus, you're out of the game.

This has been around for a while having been made popular by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. In his version, it's just him and one celebrity guest. The first one to get three raw eggs is the loser.

In our case, my wife handled boiling the eggs, but didn't tell us how many she cooked, so we all went into the game blind. Here's how it went for my kids and I:

Full Disclosure: As you'll see, we're all still in our pajamas because why not? We had no where to be. And yes, I am wearing a robe, because I am an old man.

If you and your family give this a try, send me the video either by e-mail, or through the WKDQ Facebook page, and I'll share it here on our website.

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