First the NFL, now the NBA. The difference being the NFL resolved their issues and beyond missing a couple of pre-season games, the season started as scheduled. The NBA is another story and yesterday the player's union rejected the league's latest proposal making it all but certain, this season is done. What is interesting is that according to a recent poll, most people don't care that this season probably won't happen, but it would be tragic if it didn't. The players' union will disband, which paves the way for a  big lawsuit against the league.

 The sad thing here is that NBA fans take it in the shorts and if things do get worked out, most likely it will mean higher ticket prices for fans which are already outrageous for NBA games. Some fans believe they are powerless to stop the greed and maybe to some extent we are, but there is something fans can do that will get everybody's attention.......STOP GOING TO GAMES! If NBA fans, in particular season ticket holders say enough is enough and stop buying tickets altogether, that will have a huge impact and the owners and the players will have to stand up and take notice of that!

 It really is that simple and it's very doable because it's not like we NEED to shell out a couple of hundred bucks to see a game, we really don't. College basketball is just starting and it should be a great season, the Evansville Purple Aces have already knocked off Butler for the second year in a row and tomorrow night The Aces will play IU in Evansville in front of a sold out crowd...who needs the NBA really? See the union's announcement below.