In today's world we are constantly bombarded with bad news. Sometimes it seems like that's the only kind of news. Coronavirus. different political views, missing children, mistreatment of animals--it's hard to see the good through all the bad. But there are still many good people out there. Let me share an experience I had with one.

Mywife and I were flying back from England several years ago. As you know it is a very long flight, and of course we were in coach. I am a big fellow and the leg room in the cheap class is very limited. After about an hour into the flight I was becoming very uncomfortable. Somehow the stewardess sensed my problem and leaned over in a very low voice said,

This is a long flight and we have a single seat right behind you that has plenty of leg room and reclines. It  has a little curtain around it so us stewardesses can take a nap. Would you like to use it for a nap?  No one's going to use it on this flight

It was a lifesaver. My wife got to stretch out with an empty seat next to her and I got to sleep right behind her. I don't know why the wonderful lady came to my rescue and I hope she didn't get in trouble. I imagine everyone in coach would want to use that great secret seat if they knew it was available. I have never forgotten her kindness.

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