One of the largest corn mazes in Indiana has a really cool and timely theme this year...Super Mario Bros.

Earlier this year,  Nintendo and Illumination released the popular animated film, The Super Mario Bros. Movie. This movie became a hit instantly with a brilliant cast and so many nods to the video games that we all grew up playing. If you haven't seen it by now, and you love the video games, then you are missing out.

I've seen the movie two or three times now and much like many who have seen it, I have had one aspect of the movie stuck in my head. The song that Jack Black's character, Bowser, sings in the movie called "Peaches." I can't tell you how many times I have it pop into my head on a daily basis.

Now it's stuck in yours. You are welcome.

Anyway, after the success of the movie, one Indiana corn maze has decided to base this year's theme on The Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros. Corn Maze in Indiana

Amazing Fall Fun: Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Waterloo, Indiana is known for its unique designs each year for their corn maze. It actually happens to be one of the largest (if not THE largest) corn maze in Indiana. According to their website:

Feel like a challenge? Bring your friends, bring your compass, and tackle this years MAiZE creation! The MAiZE has been our signature attraction from the start, each year featuring a different design that is sure to get you corn-fused. The MAiZE is carved into 16 acres of corn and is divided into three phases.

This year, their theme for the maze is based around the Super Mario Bros. It's called "Mario Maze" and it looks awesome. You can check it out in the post below:

Pretty cool, right? As with many corn mazes here in Indiana, the corn maze is only one highlight of the place. There's so much to see and do there that will make it worth the trip no matter where in the state you are from. Opening day is September 2nd, 2023.

You can learn more about Amazing Fall Fun: Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Waterloo by clicking here.

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