We all have seen it. You get on Facebook and there are a thousand couple's selfies posted back-to-back. Apparently, that's not a good thing.

According to a new study, the more selfies a couple takes, the less likely they are to stay together. This could be bad news for a lot of couples. But why is it such a bad thing? I mean I can can see the pros and cons of "couple selfies."

Pro: You're PROUD of your significant other, and you aren't afraid to let the world know how happy you are. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Con: You go overboard with these selfies for a different reason. Maybe a reason that you either won't admit to, or subconsciously don't realize. That reason is exactly what was found within the study.

The researchers say it's because taking a ton of selfies is a sign that one or both of you is anxious and insecure about your relationship. So basically, you're overcompensating with photos to show the world that things are totally perfect. I'm not saying that's the case with everyone, but I am sure you instantly thought of someone on your own Facebook timeline as soon as you read this.


Here's the thing, this isn't just about posting selfies. This is true in multiple cases of excessive online sharing. If you are constantly tagging your partner with a lot of "mushy gushy" posts, chances are (according to this study) you or both of you are insecure within your relationship.

We see this "PDA" all of the time. A person tags her boyfriend in things multiple times a day, sometimes just to say "I love you," when most of the time, all they have to do is just get off of their phone, look at them, and say it directly. You know what I am talking about! While it’s perfectly healthy to share snaps and posts of you and your partner on social media, going overboard means there is an underlying issue...plus to everyone else, it just seems like you're rubbing it in their face.

The study also found that " those who were happiest and the most secure in their relationship were found to be more likely to keep their relationship off social media altogether." It also went on to say that the happiest couples were essentially too busy enjoying each other's company and living in the moment to even worry about posting what they do with each other on a daily basis.

Look, I am not criticizing anyone by posting excessively about their relationship. But this study is basically saying what everyone is thinking, and backing it up with research.  Of course, this doesn't mean that your relationship is destined to fail because one or both of you is constantly sharing with the world what goes on in your relationship.

It should be something that you talk about. Make sure you both feel secure and aren't anxious with your relationship. Every relationship is about communication, if you don't talk about these things, they could simply progress. I sincerely hope that everyone reading this has long and happy relationships, but if you feel that you or your significant other can somehow relate to this, sit down and talk about it. Something to consider.

Check out the New York Post article and the research behind it here.


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