I have to say, as big a wrestling fan as I am, I don't watch TNA's "Impact Wrestling" very often. So, color me surprised when I flipped on the old DVR Friday morning to see what I missed on Thursday, and saw Montgomery Gentry mixing it up in the locker room.

It all started as Eddie and T-Roy said congrats to their buddy, "Cowboy" James Storm, who had just won his match.  The duo was then confronted by TNA World Champion, Bobby Roode, and this happened.

It should be interesting to see what happens at the "Lockdown" Pay-Per-View that happens in Nashville on April 15th.  I'm sure we'll see Montgomery Gentry in the house that night and maybe some other country stars too on the wrestlers' turf. Wrestlers were on country's turf just last week, as Storm and TNA Star, Jeff Hardy made their way to the ACM Red Carpet.