We all struggle with body images issues and it is important to know that what we see on TV and in magazines is NOT reality...not even close, especially for women. My daughter Emily struggles with a negative body image and is constantly striving for something I'm not sure is possible. Enter Erin Keaney, a mom with a simple message. Keaney is not a rap artist or even a songwriter for that matter and she is not in the entertainment business. Keaney, like so many moms struggles with a muffin top, but what was more important for her was to find a way to show her daughters that she loves her body and embraces her imperfections.

So, she decided to make a muffin top rap video that was meant to a funny way to teach her daughters and other women how to have a more realistic view of the female body beyond TV, movies and magazines.

Keaney found out that women really began to relate to her message and take it very seriously. What started out as something fun and funny could wind up having a very valuable message for all of us. Sometimes, self deprecating humor can turn into something very positive. Nice work Erin. See for yourself below.