I love fall and the weather that come with it. When the leaves are changing, it makes my drive to work so colorful. Oranges, greens, yellows, and reds. I love it! Bruce Wayne on the other hand, Isn't a fan of them.

Since I've had Bruce Wayne I hadn't lived where we raked up leaves. In Madisonville, they had a certain day that they picked up leaves. I honestly had no clue it was a thing until one day when I came home and leaves were piled up on the street about where the side walk meets. It looked odd but I didn't know. I got Bruce Wayne and we went on a walk. He stopped where the leaves were. He sniffed. Then continued walking. Poor thing didn't realize sidewalk wasn't under those leaves.

Bruce Wayne Fell in those leaves. All I saw was his head, and I was laughing. His eyes were bugged out and he got out of that pile as quick as he got in. His big brown eyes looked at me like "Mom don't laugh at me!". His little tail uncurled a bit. I bent down and pet his head and his tail curled back up and started to wag.

Don't worry though! Bruce Wayne did seek revenge on the leaves. Every leaf pile he could seek out.

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