A couple of years back, hearing about a $1,000 Grubhub order would have made you think that someone ordered enough food to feed 50 to 100 people. With today's prices, it made me think that some kid ordered up a couple dozen eggs.

It turns out that no, he didn't order enough food for a 100 people, or 2 dozen eggs (whichever may be cheaper), but he did get quite the parade of food delivery people showing up at the front door. And, the undivided attention of his parents.

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My dad thought he closed the app. He was wrong. I'm hungry. (Getty Images)

I Remember Costing My Parents A Thousand Bucks One Time, But At Least I Waited Until I Was A Teenager

And my offense wasn't ordering a bunch of food. My expensive error was deciding to light a fire in the fireplace while my parents were out.

Doing that wasn't the problem. It was not knowing what a fireplace flu was, and since I didn't know, I didn't open it, resulting in a house full of smoke, and a $1200 dollar bill for smoke damage restoration. That was in 1979 dollars, so in today's money, if my calculations are correct, it would be roughly $400,000.

My dad's footprint on my right butt cheek finally faded last year.

Maybe the kid thought the food was free , along with the delivery. (Getty Images)
Maybe the kid thought the food was free , along with the delivery. (Getty Images)

This Is What Can Happen When You Let A Little Kid Play With Your Smartphone, As His Parents Know Now

According to published reports, Chesterfield Township, Michigan resident Keith Stonehouse let his 6-year old son Mason play a game on his smartphone before bedtime, not realizing until it was far too late that Mason had found a still-open Grubhub app.


Keith Stonehouse said he was alone with his son while his wife was at the movies when Mason ordered jumbo shrimp, salads, shawarma and chicken pita sandwiches, chili cheese fries and other foods that one Grubhub driver after another delivered to their Chesterfield Township home.

Stonehouse said his son ordered food from so many different places that Chase Bank sent him a fraud alert declining a $439 order from Happy’s Pizza. But Mason’s $183 order of jumbo shrimp from the same restaurant went through and arrived at the family’s house.

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"And that's why you owe Daddy a thousand bucks." (Getty Images)

Kudos To Grubhub For Giving This Story A Pretty Cool Ending

The family tells the Associated Press that Grubhub has gotten in touch with the family, and has not only offered them a $1,000 gift card to cover what they had to spend, but also discussed the possibility of using the family in an advertising campaign.

Mom and Dad also talked to Mason about covering his debts.

To drive the point home, she and her husband opened up Mason’s piggy bank and pocketed the $115 he had gotten for his birthday in November, telling him the money would go to replenish their accounts. That didn’t seem to faze the boy.

“Then he found a penny on the floor and said he could start all over again,” she said.

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