The Midwest is an unusual place to those who don't live here.

I have traveled to several parts of the country and even out of the country. No place is like the Midwest, that's for sure. The folks in the Midwest are always being made fun of for being 'too nice' or 'too friendly'. First of all, I don't think that is even a thing. BUT for those who visit from the east or west coast seem to really notice our tendencies.

I recall a trip to NYC that when I said "thank you" or mentioned to a server/barista "whatever is easiest for you" they just stared at me like I insulted them. Apparently people in NYC are more straight forward about what they want. I have seen on several occasions people make memes or videos about 'Midwest living' or 'you're from the Midwest if you___' but now I think I have seen it all. A video some people put together about being 'Midwest Nice' has me on the ground laughing so hard. The accuracy is unreal. Check it out for yourself.

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