Michael Ray has released another new song from his upcoming album, Amos. Just a couple of weeks ago, Ray shared the playful and flirty "Fan Girl," but his newest single, "Her World or Mine," addresses more somber subject matter. Readers can press play above to hear the song and watch its corresponding video, which takes a minimalist treatment to the song and leaves the emphasis on the song, and its message.

"One of us still has our picture / Taped up on the dash / One of us took that one from Mexico / Threw it in the trash / One of us don't even notice / When the radio plays that song / One of us breaks down and has to pull over / Whenever it comes on," Ray sings in the song's first verse, describing a breakup that results in imbalanced heartbreak, leaving one person far more devastated than the other.

In an exclusive premiere of the song with PopCulture, Ray explains that although he didn't write the song (which was written by Brett Beavers, Jamie Paulin and Travis Denning), he knew it was special as soon as he heard it. "Breakups are tough, and we've all been on one side of this song or the other," he tells PopCulture. "I think scars from our past relationships, although shared, aren't really talked about."

"One of the best parts of this job is watching how fans come together at shows," he goes on to say. "They could be complete strangers at the beginning, and leave the show as friends. I hope "Her World or Mine" connects with fans and allows us all to bond over those unspoken scars."

Amos will be Ray's second studio album, and is due out June 1 on Atlantic Records / Warner Music Nashville. The album is available for pre-order here.