McDonald's has always been a great place for high school students to work since they first opened their doors. How many kids got their very first job at McDonald's? It was almost like a right of passage for kids under 18. My daughter got her first job there two years ago and is still there. Now it seems you need a college degree. At least at one McDonald's in Winchedon, Mass., where a recent ad for a full time cashier was posted requiring a bachelor's degree and 1-2 years worth of experience. I'm sorry...what? One to 2 years of experience to work as a McDonald's cashier?

That does show you how competitive the job market is now and with colleges cranking out more and more graduates seeking fewer and fewer jobs, its no wonder. Youth advocates use this as an example of how bad the employment situation is for younger workers. In fact, the unemployment rate for people 18-29 is 11.5%.

It should be noted, this is NOT a McDonald's corporate mandate, this is one franchise in Massachusetts. Franchise owners are allowed to establish their own hiring practices and standards, but a college degree...can we please return to reality?

A college degree to take orders at McDonald's seems very extreme to me, boarding on ridiculous. No word on how many college graduates have applied for that position, which will not pay much more than minimum wage. Try paying off student loans on that salary! We'll see if this becomes a trend...let's hope not.

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