A Mastiff who was rescued from a dog meat farm in S. Korea has made his way to Evansville, and is looking for his forever home. 

It's heart breaking to think that there are some places in the world where dogs are raised for meat. Unfortunately not everywhere in the world sees dogs as the companion animals that many here do. This sweet boy is Axel, and he's had quite the journey to get him here to the tri-state!

Photo Credit: PC Pound Puppies
Photo Credit: PC Pound Puppies

Axel is a 2 year old Mastiff. His foster mom Toni reached out to send me additional information about Axel.  She is a Mastiff lover, and is no stranger to rescuing the breed. She said a rescue in Northern Illinois asked her of she could help them when they were receiving 130 dogs from a meat farm, out of those dogs 87 were Mastiffs.  Toni couldn't say no, so she went to Chicago and took home two of them. Toni told me that when she brought the dogs home, she expected them to be almost feral, but she said they were "sweet and loving and have the most resilient and unbreakable spirits." Luckily Rima, the other Mastiff has found her forever home ,now Axel is looking for his!

PC Pound Puppies is helping a partner rescue home him, and they need to keep him in the Evansville area, of course since Axel has had quite a rough go, they will be making sure he ends up in a good place. They said that he would do best being the only dog in the home, or with a really laid back dog. They also say that he doesn't know his own size, so he would do better with older kids, as he may knock young ones down unintentionally.

If you think you could have the perfect home for Axel, fill out the adoption application here.

Here is a video of the dog meat farm where Axel was taken from. The good news is, that farm has been closed for good. Hopefully with bringing more awareness to this, we can all work together to help make sure that one day dogs are no longer farmed for meat.


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