There has been a massive recall on several powdered drink mixes, and you are going to want to know about this.

Kraft Heinz has announced a recall on several of their powdered drink mix products "due to the potential presence of foreign material, specifically very small pieces of metal or glass, that may have been introduced during production," according to The Food and Drug Administration. This recall covers select packages of Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea powdered beverages, and limited Kool-Aid powdered beverages with “Best When Used By” dates between May 10, 2023 and November 1, 2023.

The FDA reports that the possibility of metal and glass in the powdered beverages was first discovered during an internal review at the manufacturing facility. It would be wise to check your cabinets at home for these products and either return them to the store where they were purchased or simply toss them out. Whatever you do, do not attempt to consume these beverages.

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As previously mentioned, this recall is a pretty big one as there are several Country Time Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Arizona Tea, and Tang products that fall under this recall. Please look at the list of products below to see if you have any at home:

Product SizeName of ProductIndividual Package Best Before DateIndividual Package UPC
73 ozArizona Arnold Palmer08/05/23 through 09/10/23043000086643
82.5ozCountry Time Lemonade8/6/2023 through 10/22/23043000928608
63 ozCountry Time Lemonade8/8/2023 through 9/6/23043000082195
58.9 ozTang Orange8/11/2023 through 10/04/23043000082171
63oz.Kool- Aid Tropical Punch8/12/2023 through 9/22/23043000082164
82.5oz.Kool- Aid Tropical Punch8/18/2023 through 9/22/23043000957400
82.5ozKool-Aid Tropical Punch8/17/2023 through 10/05/23043000957400
82.5ozCountry Time Pink Lemonade8/20/2023 through 9/27/23043000928615
82.5ozCountry Time Pink Lemonade8/20/23043000928615
82.5ozCountry Time Pink Lemonade9/17/23043000928615
72 ozTang Orange8/21/2023 through 9/20/23043000032268
72 ozTang Orange8/22/2023 through 9/28/23043000032268
82.5 oz82.5Z Country Time HLF&HLF 34 QT/68/24/23043000046012
82.5 ozKool- Aid Tropical Punch8/31/2023 through 10/06/23043000957400
63 ozCountry Time Pink Lemonade9/6/2023 through 9/7/23043000082188
63 ozKool-Aid Strawberry Cherry10/2/23043000082201
20 ozKool- Aid Raspberry Lemonade8/5/2023 through 10/18/23043000954072
20 ozTang Orange8/6/2023 through 10/23/23043000032275
20 ozTang Orange5/15/2023 through 10/22/23043000032275
19 ozKool-Aid Cherry8/9/23043000953532
18 ozTang Guava Pineapple8/13/23043000064511
19 ozCountry Time Lemonade8/11/2023 through 09/11/23043000951170
19 ozCountry Time Pink Lemonade8/30/2023 through 9/13/23043000951149
19 ozKool- Aid Tropical Punch6/12/2023 through 10/20/23043000953501
19 oz19Z Countrty Time HALF&HALF 8QT/129/13/2023 through 9/14/23043000046005
19ozKool-Aid Tropical Punch8/31/2023 through 10/19/23043000953501
19 ozKool-Aid Strawberry10/18/2023 through 10/19/23043000953556
6.7 ozCountry Time "on the go" Lemonade 10 pack9/20/2023 through 10/04/2343000010983
6.6 ozKool -Aid Tropical Punch "on the go" 10 pack10/19/2023 through 11/01/23043000023464
63oz.63oz Kool- Aid Twin pack Tropical Punch8/16/2023 through 8/17/23043000089712
29 ozCountry Time Lemonade 12 qt8/10/23043000951194
116oz.Country Time Powdered Soft Drink Sugar Sweetened
Lemonade, pack of 4
5/10/2023 through 8/10/23043000075388
19 ozCountry Time Lemonade Drink Mix, 6 pack case6/20/2023 through 8/12/23043000951170
2.4 kgCountry Time Original Lemonade9/15/23661880533800
2.2 kgTang Orange8/20/2023 through 8/21/23661880575900
82.5 ozEXPORT 82.5Z SSKA TROP PNCH 68/18/234300001464
20 ozEXPORT 20Z TANG ORNG 6QT 128/9/23430000322700
19 ozEXPORT 19Z KA CHRY SS 8QT KOREA EXP 128/8/2023 through 8/9/23430000341600
19 ozEXPORT 19Z CT HALF&HALF 8QT/129/14/23430000460000
82.5 ozEXPORT 82.5Z CT HLF&HLF 34 QT/68/24/23430000460100
19 ozEXPORT 19Z SSKA TROP PNCH    129/5/2023 through 9/6/23430009535000
 (H/T- FDA)

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