If you are like me and have no idea how to make a souffle, decorate a picture frame or plan a flower graden, you turned to Martha Stewart to show and teach you how. Well, sadly, we will have to find another source.

‘The Martha Stewart Show’ has been canceled.

The New York Post reports that Hallmark Channel has decided to cancel the show due to the high costs of running the production.  The low ratings the show is getting since moving to the cable network from syndication in September 2010 also played a factor.

The show airs in the morning and then is repeated in the afternoon, as is the episode from the previous day, so the network put a lot of money and time into the production the past year-and-a-half. Martha’s production company also does other shows on the network, including ‘Martha Bakes,’ ‘Emeril’s Table,’ and ‘Mad Hungry.’

‘The Martha Stewart Show’ will end in April and then repeats will air throughout the summer. Sources tell The Post that the show will have a “lavish, Oprah-style sendoff” in the spring.

But don’t count out Martha when it comes to television — she may be back in our living rooms before we know it.

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