I just found out yesterday that a very good friend of mine recently asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him. It seemed like a no-brainer to all of us because they have been together so long, and she was constantly dropping hints. The day finally came; it was two weeks in the planning and everything was set in their favorite restaurant. Everything went great with the piano bar singer singing their favorite song, the wait staff brought out the first meal they ever had there, her parents just 'happened' to bump into them there and he went down on bended knee - she shook her head NO and ran out of the restaurant.

Turns out, she was not real happy with the public manner in which my friend chose to make his proposal, which is always very risky. She didn't speak to him for two weeks and when they finally spoke, she asked him over to dinner then some wine in the hot tub. She then asked him to marry her. He said yes.

She explained that the whole public thing in front of all those people and her parents completely freaked her out. Once she got over it, she called and all is well now and they are getting married next summer. The lesson here is beware of very public proposals. Some of the best laid plans may not be and could easily backfire...BIG TIME!!! See some other public proposal fails below.