This is simply another case of only in Indiana! Police arrested a man accused of stealing a Walmart trailer and parking it in the front yard of a home in Indiana. This occurred in Mishawaka, Indiana (around South Bend) on Monday, according to a report by Fox 59. My first thought is how in the world did he steal the trailer from Walmart without anyone noticing?!

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Apparently, the neighbors saw a Walmart trailer parked in the middle of someone's front yard. Look, if you are going to steal something that big...try to be a little more conspicuous. The neighbors knew that something was off about that trailer being there, so they contacted the police. When officers arrived to the scene they found several people going in and out of the trailer, unloading merchandise into the home.

According to Fox 59,

Investigators later determined the trailer was actually stolen from a store in Lansing, Illinois. Six people were taken to the police station for questioning. They arrested 42-year-old Josephvon Johnson of Jackson, Tennessee for theft of the trailer.

Walmart then had workers go into the home and reclaim the lost inventory. According to Fox 59, it took them several hours to reload the truck.

This is just a case of someone who lacked common sense. You steal a trailer, without somehow being noticed, drive it across the state line, park it in a neighborhood, and unload items into the house and expect not to be caught?! Come on! These folks clearly weren't the brightest crayons in the box. However, fortunately for them, Hollywood has been on a roll with making blockbuster films about real life dumb criminals, like Pain & Gain and MastermindsSo you never know, they might make a movie about this story!


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