Let’s say, you're digging a hole in your yard and you hit something hard. You would probably be curious about what it was that is buried in your yard. Everyone would be a little curious. But, as you reach down, pick it up and lift it up to get a closer look, you realize it’s a face. You then wipe more dirt off of it and it IS a face looking up at you. The face is very creepy and it gives you a bad feeling. Yikes, the thought gives me chills.

My new Facebook friend, Ronnie, posted this pic on the Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared FB group with the status,

Found this today while digging in the yard

Most of the people that commented where as freaked out as me. It reminds me of something from one of the Conjuring movies, like Annabelle. Something that, if you find it, you quickly try to get of it. Maybe it’s nothing, but I just feel like bad things might come with this face. Someone DID bury it. There must be a reason for putting the face into the ground for safe keeping.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Miller
Photo Credit: Ronnie Miller

The face even looks like it’s got tears rolling down its face. (insert scream) OMG! NO. Too creepy for me. I see an exorcism in the future.

What do you think? Keep it or put it back where it came from?

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