And they said the perfect wrapping paper doesn't exist...

If you're planning on exchanging gifts this holiday season, might I suggest a wrapping paper that no one will ever forget, bacon scented wrapping paper. have created a wrapping paper that no one will forget.  It's black and has a bacon pattern on it, and best part of all, it's scented.

The product description on their website is as follows:

Ahh.. BACON!

The most majestic of foods, second to none, worshiped by men everywhere!  Just watch his face light up when he realizes his gifts smell like bacon.

This ultimate Scratch-N-Sniff gift wrapping paper is available in 30" wide rolls of 8' long.  Simply scratch and smell to release the majestic aroma of fresh cooked bacon.


I remember scented markers, and scratch n sniff stickers, but never scented wrapping paper, so this is definitely a new one for me. A roll of this stuff will set you back $19.99 which isn't exactly on the cheap end for wrapping paper, but then again it smells like bacon, so priorities.

If you want to the be the talk of Christmas, this wrapping paper will definitely make sure that happens. If you're interested in getting your own roll of bacon scented bacon patterned wrapping paper, you can find it here.

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