In the world of action figures, as in the world of professional wrestling, the cream rises to the top.

As announced today by Sports Illustrated, the “Macho Man” Randy Savage (may he rest in peace) is getting the ultimate action figure this summer, one that pays tribute to his role in one of the premiere ad campaigns of the 1990s: Slim Jims.

Even if you didn’t watch WWE (then known as the WWF) 20 years ago, you absolutely know these commercials if you were alive at the time. They were ubiquitous, with Savage bounding into various places, Kool-Aid Man style, and imploring boys and girls to snap into a Slim Jim OOOOOO YEAH.

Here is the one I remember most. For years, when asked what my favorite Shakespeare play was, I would inevitably respond said “Whichever one had the character that says ART THOU BORED?”

Although Savage has had many action figures through the years, he has never had a Slim Jim figure. That all ends this year, when Mattel releases a Slim Jim Macho Man for the first time. It has a classic Slim Jim commercial outfit, with hat and glasses, and even little Slim Jim box accessories. And best of all the box the figure comes in looks like a box of Slim Jim.


Seriously, why even make other action figures after this? There’s absolutely no topping it.

The Slim Jim Macho Man figure will be available for pre-order on starting on June 18. It will also be available at Mattel’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Please, for the love of Brother Love, don’t buy one. I want to make sure they don’t sell out before I can get my hands on one and then snap into it. (Ooo yeah.)

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