Last year, we all needed a reason to smile. Luckily, people all over the Tristate worked really hard to make us all feel better. Halloween brought out an amazing amount of creativity.

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Remember the COVID-19 themed Halloween house? Although it wasn't local, it went viral and was pretty incredible.

Coronavirus Themed Halloween Yard Decorations Prove Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction

This year my granddaughter is dressing up as Hermione from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

As you can see, right now, she just has the scarf. Her full costume will be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to see it this weekend.

When she told me what she wanted to be for Halloween 2021, I looked up an article I wrote last year with a Harry Potter-themed photo gallery. I showed her how cool it was and she loved it. So, I thought I would share it with you again, too.

Last year, a woman in historic downtown Newburgh, brought her front yard to life with skeletons dressed up as characters from the movie. Her entire yard turned into Hogwarts.

Here are some photos, her neighbor, Steve Geis, took of the amazing Halloween display. Luckily, he took them during the day. That was we could see all of the incredible detail. Take a look!

Historic Newburgh House Takes On Spooky Harry Potter Theme For Halloween

As amazing as these outdoor decorations are, I think I'll stick to just decorating on the inside. Considering my lack of housekeeping skills, all the dust and cobwebs make my house look like a REAL haunted house. ;-)

Take a look at these crazy awesome Halloween-themed engagement photos.

Newburgh Couple Takes Amazing Horror Movie Engagement Photos

How To Make Giant Halloween Spider

Indoor or outdoor, this giant Halloween spider is so easy, you could make several. Here's what you will need and the directions on how to make one.

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