Earlier this week we got an email from a listener with a crazy idea for a wedding proposal!

As we get ready to welcome Brantley Gilbert to the Ford Center (Get Ticket Info Here) on Thursday, February 23rd, we got a call about trying to set-up a crazy marriage proposal!

Here is what listener James wrote us:

"Hi there my name is James Lowe I talk to you this morning and you told me to email you about help me asking my girlfriend to marry me at the Brantley Gilbert concert. I met this girl named Alicia 6 months ago she is the best girl that I could ask for she is a wonderful mother of two kids. She works 40 plus hours a week and never has a day off from working or taking care of me and the kids. She loves Brantley Gilbert. I think if she would get to meet him and if he would allow me to ask her to marry me on stage at his concert February 23 this would be one of the happiest moment of her life. I have tried to reach out to him on facebook and twitter but I have not got a response so I asking WKDQ to please help me out with making her dream come true. She has doesn't get out of the house very much at all. I think this would be in her heart forever. She is one of the most amazing girl a guy could ask for. Thank you for allowing me to try and make her dream come true I really love this girl with all my heart and soul. God bless "

So let's make it happen! We want you to share this page and tag Brantley in your message. Plus let's start #marrythembrantley

We will try to make this go viral and help Alicia's dream come true!

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