LG has come up with many creative ads to show the superior quality of the picture on their HDTVs, but this one might be the best - fake or not. Long story short, they took their new 84-inch television and mounted it in what would be the window space of a fake office and put a very disturbing image on the screen. The premise was to bring people in for a fake job interview and show an asteroid hitting the Earth just outside the building. The interviewees were all positioned in a chair that faced the fake window.

In each case, when they saw the asteroid coming, they completely freaked out and some became hysterical. The ad is very well done, but some people think the whole thing was staged. I'm not so sure, but either way, the video is brilliant. By the way, they are speaking Spanish because this was done in Chile. What do you think, fake or real?

They also did an ad for their monitors that they installed in an elevator floor. The floor would then shatter and the unsuspecting victims would be staring down the elevator shaft...pretty scary. See both videos below.


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