Imagine being stranded on a deserted island with an actor from your dreams. That's the idea we recently posed on our Facebook page. You would be stranded with the an actor from the last show you watched. For me, it was Jim Gaffigan from the Amazon Prime movie, Troop Zero, which is a really good family movie, by the way.  I have to admit, with him, there would never be a dull moment.

I decided to take some of your answers, from our Facebook page, and put them together in a poll. I must say your possibilities for island mate are pretty awesome.

Using your list, here are my top 5 -

5. Steve Carell - I think he is hilarious and super cute. He is one of those men who get better with age. Am I right? I love his grey hair. We would be laughing into the wee hours of the night, every night.


4. Daveed Diggs - In case you don't know this actor, most recently you might have seen him in the Disney+ musical, Hamilton. He played Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson. There is a kind of unabashed confidence about him. It's the way he walks and it's in his smile. There is a lot of mischief behind those eyes. And, I really like the way he raps in the musical. AMAZING. On the island, I would get into some serious trouble with him by my side. And, it would be even more fun trying to figure out how to get out to it.


3. Idris Elba - He is the strong, quiet, thoughtful, sexy type. There is an intensity about his personality that carries a quiet masculinity that is very appealing. I see us having amazing, deep, long conversations by our camp fire. Every once in a while, I would say something that got him to give me one of those shy smiles. Then my heart would melt and I would wish to never be rescued.


2. Henry Cavill - I can't decide which I like better, his heroic Superman side or his edgy Witcher side. I think I'll take both. I can see our days and nights, on the island, filled with me playing the damsel in distress and him rescuing me. And, of course, even though I really don't need rescued, showing him my deepest thanks. ;-)


1. Jason Momoa - Where do I begin? He is by far the whole package. He is all of the other men wrapped into one incredible island partner. A fire would always be burning. LOL I think I would live out the rest of my days happily ever after, on the island, if he were my companion.


Now you decide! xo

LESLIE'S BUFFET OF HOTNESS: Who I'd Most Like to Be Stuck with on a Desert Island?

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