One of the pages that I follow on Facebook is Inner Wild Woman. I love it so much. It's my daily boost of positive thinking and power. I saw this list on their page and wanted to share the list, along with my own how to advise. Think if it like a feel good by the numbers.

Ok, let's start feeling good.

10 Habits That You Need To Feel Good Now

1 hour of exercise - Like you, for me, that's tough to do sometimes. But, that's all it really takes. Even if it has to be a little less time, anything is good. Just move.

2 liters of water - We all know that water is the best drink for you. It not only keeps you hydrated and helps to flush the toxins out of you, it's also zero calories. So, drink up.

3 cups of tea - Herbal tea has many health benefits. There are many different kinds of teas to choose from. You can even replace your coffee with tea. Many teas contain caffeine and don't really require much creamer. I say this because I use a lot. Cutting back on all of the creamer, I felt better instantly.

4 colors on the plate - This is one I struggle with because I have the taste palette of a child. Not a big fan of the important veggies. So, I often look for ways to disguise into what I like.

5 minutes of meditation - I have many friends who swear by daily meditaion. I'm new to it, but love every minute of how it makes me feel. First, find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, remove all distractions, shut your eyes, listen at let you mind be cleared of the rubble and renewed with peace and light.

6 songs that motivate you - Music is so powerful. The music and the lyrics drive my mood. Let me share some of my faves with you. Let's get motivated, feel powerful stand tall and feel good.

7 minutes of laughter -My favorite thing to do, on a daily basis, is listen to comedy. I pull up YouTube and search for my favorite comedians. Here are a few of my faves.

8 hours of sleep - Sleep is SO important. I try my best to get 8 hrs sleep. I don't always accomplish it, but I try and I can really feel a difference when I do. Here are reason why great sleep is so important.


9 pages of a book - I love to read, even if it's only nine pages a day. Clears my brain fog. Right now, this is what I'm reading and you should too, ladies. It was given to my by my mentor and boss to help me feel more confident and empowered. She's pretty great.

Rachel Hollis/Amazon
Rachel Hollis/Amazon

10 reasons to be thankful - This might be the most important one. Being thankful or grateful, even for the little things in life will make you feel better for a long time. I found this video that was made by a church that nails it.






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