I have friends and family that order their glasses online. Although it seems a cheaper way to get the eye wear that you need, it will often cost you more in the long run and the personal connection of a patient to their doctor is lost. Many serious eye issues can be stopped if found early.

Because I never wore glasses until I needed them to read, Dr. Russ at Ridgway Eyecare Center helps me understand my aging eyes and what I can expect. I tell him about my eye needs at home and at work so that he can help me make the best decisions regarding my eye health and glasses. Ridgway Eyecare Center has the latest diagnostic technology, including an optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine that takes "detailed pictures of the back of your eyes," according to their website. I feel more secure knowing a professional is committed to catching vision problems early; vision exams also can reveal symptoms of other medical problems!

Very much like my OB-GYN or our family nurse practitioner, Dr. Russ knows me and my family and takes care of all of our eye care needs. He even made my granddaughter feel comfortable in his office.

If you have never had an eye exam or are afraid of going to the eye doctor, here is what you can expect. It's a piece of cake.

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