For most of my life, I never remember my dreams after I wake up. Sometimes, I will remember little bits, but they quickly fade. Lately, I have had very vivid and weird dreams. Some of my friends would say that Mercury is in retrograde or something like that, but I have no idea.

Last night, I has the craziest dream. It involved Luke Combs and other things that I wouldn’t normally dream about. I didn’t even watch anything or hear anything that had to do with any of these things before I went to bed. The visions and story just came out of nowhere. Here’s how the dream unfolded.

To begin with, Luke Combs and I were married. Which is hilarious considering we are both married to different people and I’m old enough to be his mom. Luke looked different too. He had the same sense of style, you know, the working man look. Instead of the hair, he has now, he had curly, long black hair. That was the only difference in his appearance.

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At the beginning of the dream, we were trying to get out of the woods in a huge four-wheel-drive truck driving. We were driving on a stereotypical, county dirt road. As we drove toward the path to get us out of the woods, we realized there was a long line of semi’s trying to get out of the woods on a dirt road too. So, Luke said he knew a shortcut and we turned right down another dirt road.

The road took us by past a graveyard for old church, funeral, graveyard stuff. It was so weird. The rays went on forever and all I could think about was the fact that I wanted to stop and take pictures for an article and gallery for WKDQ’s website. Even in my dreams, I think about work. LOL

 Well, the rad took us to a Rupp Arena, in Lexington, KY, for a basketball game. Luke and I spent most of our time trying to find out seats. But, before we found our seats, Luke left me to talk to some fans. After I found our seats, I realized they had no leg room and in true Leslie fashion, I started complaining. In the middle of an arena full of UK fans. I even talked bout how great Indiana University’s Assembly Hall is to Wth a basket ballgame. I’m insane.

Right before I got my butt kicked, Luke and I got on a plane to drive through Lexington with the UK basketball team. The plane drove all of us to a giant buffet. We are being treated just like a player. I tell the person at the door that we don’t need to eat because we aren’t a player and Luke said, YES WE DO! So, we went to get our plates and my alarm went off to go to work. 

If you or someone you know can analyze dreams, please analyze this one. LOL



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