As fall continues to creep into the Tri-State and leaves start to turn color and drop, the City of Henderson will begin leaf pick-up in the city.

According to their website; The City of Henderson will be starting their leaf pick up program soon and have some rules and regulations for people to follow.

"Autumn leaves are starting to fall, and the City of Henderson’s Public Works Department will soon start vacuuming leaves that have been raked to the edge of the street.

The Henderson Water Utility reminds property owners not to rake leaves out INTO the street because they can get into storm water drains and cause problems including localized flooding. Raking leaves into the street is, in fact, a violation of City ordinance.

You may place your leaves near the street or edge of your lawn so the vacuum truck can reach them.  When your leaves are ready for pickup, call the Public Works Department at 270-831-1234 to get on the collection schedule.

You can also bag your leaves to keep them contained until the vacuum truck gets to your street. Henderson Water Utility no longer provides leaf bags to city households, so you must provide your own. City crews will collect up to 10 bags during their regular trash collection time.

The Public Works Department will collect all of your bagged leaves and will continue to vacuum until the end of the leaf season"

If you have any questions you can contact the Public Works Department at (270) 831-1234

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