The guys at High Score are at it again and this time, they've got their eye on the title of "Largest in the State of Indiana."

Eye on the Prize

Jared and Clint, the dynamic duo responsible for bringing Evansville's first-ever "bar-cade" to life in a Main Street basement in the heart of downtown Evansville, never seem to take a break. These two are always hard at work it seems. Recently, they began demolition and construction on what will be the new home of their first arcade endeavor in the city, High Score Saloon. This, of course, all began after the completion of the pair's second arcade across town in 2020, High Score Player Two. Now, they have their eyes set on another big project.

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Never a Dull Moment

Since these two never seem to take any downtime, it comes as no surprise to learn that now that the move for High Score Saloon is almost complete, they have shifted their focus back to High Score Player Two. An all-ages, family-friendly arcade with a classic feel, High Score Player Two is located at 2814 Mount Vernon Avenue and features a plethora of classic pinball machines, as well as arcade and console games. They even have skee ball, air hockey, and Dance Dance Revolution. [Keep scrolling for some awesome arcade-game history!]


What's Coming Next...

So what is the next project? According to a recent Facebook post, Clint and Jared want to make High Score Player Two "one of the largest, most comprehensive classic arcades in the state!" The project will include freshening up the paint, installing a massive lighted "ARCADE" sign, and adding a ton more games. They are even adding another party room.

It has been a long road but thanks to all your support: we’re making all the improvements we always dreamed of! We are:
•Refreshing the paint in a recognizable shade of orange
•Installing a 2’ tall, 10’ long illuminated
A R C A D E sign.
•Adding 5-6 additional pinball machines, 8-10 classic arcades, motorcycle + additional racing games, more imported rhythm games, more consoles and an additional party room.
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Visit High Score Player Two

If you want to keep up with the growth of High Score Player Two, you should definitely give them a follow on Facebook. If you'd like to visit, they are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and you can purchase an entire day of free play for just $10 per person or $35 for a family of four. While they don't sell food or drinks, they do allow non-alcoholic beverages to be carried in as long as they have a lid to prevent spills. Learn more at

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