The owners of the popular adult arcade and bar, High School Saloon shared disappointing news with their fans on Facebook Tuesday afternoon when they announced they had no choice but to delay the opening of their new location on the Main Street Walkway eight to ten weeks.

Opened in 2017, High Score Saloon offers visitors over the age of 21 who love playing video games (like me) old-school video games, pinball machines, and home gaming consoles to play free of charge while they enjoy a rotating selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails from the bar.

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It had been located in the basement of 323 Main Street since opening and announced plans in October 2021 to move a couple of buildings down to 309 Main Street. Over the course of the past year and a half, the owners have kept fans up-to-date on the remodeling progress at the new location through social media while also continuing to operate the original location. On Saturday, May 6th, they shut the doors on the original location one last time with plans to open the new location by the end of the month.

Opening of High Score Saloon Location Delayed 8-10 Weeks

Those plans hit an unexpected snag this week when the owners released a statement through their Facebook page on Tuesday saying they have to delay the opening of the new location eight to ten weeks after being told "a complete fire alarm and monitoring system would have to be put in place" before they could be granted their certificate of occupancy.

They went on to say the unfortunate turn of events happened despite taking the proper steps to make sure it didn't. They say those steps included "an initial walk through, a subsequent walk through, a site review meeting with city entities so they may review blueprints, plans and systems and make input/changes as needed, and a cursory walkthrough" they requested to avoid something like this from taking place.

You can read the full statement in the post below:

While the news is disappointing for those of us excited about checking out the new location, I can't begin to imagine how disappointing it is for the owners who have spent so much time renovating the new space and making sure all the proper steps were taken to open in the time frame they were shooting for.

The silver lining here is that the new location will open, even if it's not at the time they originally hoped for, and when it does, there will be a ton of people ready to come by to drink a few beers and try to beat their personal high scores. Including me.

[Source: High Score Saloon on Facebook]

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