We are just a few days from Halloween, and the scare pranks are in full swing, especially on YouTube. Roman Atwood is an epic YouTube prankster, and his latest venture might be the creepiest thing you will see this Halloween or any Halloween for that matter. Atwood thought it would be fun to dress his two-year-old son, Kane, in black clothes and a black hoodie with a creepy mask and a fake knife. He then took Kane out to terrorize the community and the result is very funny, but very, very creepy. There is something about this video that made me very uneasy, especially when the very REAL police officer approaches Kane.

I can't help but think Atwood put his son in a potentially VERY dangerous situation. Is it just me, or is there something very wrong with this video? I don't think I would use my toddler in a prank quite like this....very uncomfortable, but you decide.