I know, we are all sick to death of reality TV and the last thing we need is another one unless it will give us something the others don't. Well, truTV will debut a brand new show on November 23rd that can only be described as American Idol, The Voice and America's Got Talent meets Fear Factor and the previews look awesome! The show is basically contestants singing Karaoke and they are not allowed to stop singing no matter what happens or they lose points.

What contestants don't know is what they will be subjected to while singing. They might find themselves singing while sitting on a swing and that is being dropped into a water tank filled with live snakes...many of them!

They might find themselves singing while stepping into various holes on the stage filled with things like fish guts, manure or maggots, or getting electric shocks while singing...awesome!!

The show will be hosted by the star of the 'Jack-Ass' movie franchise, Steve-O and there is no way to fake the reactions of some of these contestants. Talk about reality TV - this IS as real as it gets. Starting Friday November 23rd at 9pm only on truTV. See some examples below if you dare.



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