2011 is already shaping up to be a great year for country concerts in the Tri-State. First up we got Brad Paisley in January, Miranda Lambert in February and Kid Rock in March.  Now some of you may say that Kid Rock is a rock musician. I'd partially agree with that statement. Besides having many rock hits, Kid Rock does dabble in country music. If you do a quick search around the web and on youtube you'll come across of number times where Kid Rock will play a country tune and even play live with some country musicians (Hank Williams, Jr. anyone?) Well, in the video below, Kid Rock is playing a classic rock song by the name of Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen. The big difference between Kid's version and Queen's version is that Kid's has been "countrified."

Still uncertain about Kid Rock, well, you can be the better judge by checking him out live when he comes to Evansville on March 1st when he plays live at Roberts Stadium. Whose his opening act? That honor goes to country musician Jamey Johnson. Hit up the link below to snag some tickets to the show.

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