So this is an interesting way to kick off the new year if you are in full diet/workout mode. I am not one of those people, yet. I tend to carry over my holiday snacking and consumption for at least two more weeks or heck, all of January.

About three years ago in Atlanta, KFC teamed with the folks at Beyond Meat to test out a plant-based fried chicken. The product sold out in less than five hours. In 2020, the restaurant did another test in Nashville and in Charlotte. Another sell-out happened at a test run in southern California. I forgot about it until I saw the story pop up in my feed this week. Next Monday, January 10th, KFC is bringing its Beyond Meat plant-based fried chicken to the masses across the country.

So it appears this won't taste or look like what Colonel Sanders intended. Obviously, there won't be traditional pieces of chicken; the Beyond Meat version is a little bigger than a strip, bordering on breast size complete with dipping sauces. Is this a hint we need the sauce to improve the taste?

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This is only the second time Beyond Meat, beyond (lol) its grocery products, has placed an item in a fast-food place. Burger King partnered with the company in 2019 for the Impossible Whopper which is still on the menu.

The press release indicates the KFC Beyond Meat Fried chicken will only be available for a limited time. It will be a supply and demand issue, but how it's received will determine whether it's "finger-lickin' good" enough to stick around.


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