Living in Kentucky, you know there are certain things that define the state: bourbon, music, BBQ, University of Kentucky basketball, and horse racing; specifically the Kentucky Derby.

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The fan base for all of these things is huge. For any of them, the entire state is all in, even the dogs. You can see them walking around in UK swag, strutting around the BBQ fest or music festivals, and cheering on their favorite racehorse.

Kentucky dog can't contain her horseracing excitement

Bella, a Wheaton Terrier from Louisville, Kentucky, apparently loves horseracing. In this video, she is jumping up and down like she bet money on the race. It's so hilarious and cute. According to the licensor on Rumble,

Bella is my boyfriend's parent's dog. Wheaton terrier from Kentucky spends her days just waiting for animals to come on tv, as for horse racing, it’s her favorite. She jumps for joy as soon as the gates fly open and watches the whole race. They also have another Wheaton terrier named Quincy he’s known for jumping in the pool and swimming on his favorite raft. They are two of the most rambunctious and loveable dogs you will ever meet.

All Bella needs is a big Derby-style hat. Take a look.


Bella is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I wonder if she would do the same thing if she actually attended a race.

I get excited when I'm at Ellis Park watching the Weiner dog and Greyhound races. I wonder if Bella would get even more excited about those races.

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