I don't watch LIVE with Kelly and Michael and I would not put myself in the category of Kelly Ripa fan, but what she and LIVE co-host Michael Strahan created is nothing short of brilliant. We can all agree that Sharknado is the dumbest movie ever made. There will be a second Sharknado that is in production now. What would Kelly and Michael have to with that?

Well, for their Halloween show, they created a Sharknado Too trailer spoof that is hilariously funny. First of all, Kelly Ripa plays Tara Reid and that performance should get her an Emmy. Michael palys a variety of stars like Samuel L. Jackson and Michonne from The Walking Dead.

Stars like Robin Williams, Cher and Arnold Schwarzenegger also make cameos in the spoof. Again, I am not a fan of LIVE, but this spoof is one of the best I have ever seen and is completely worth the time it takes to watch.


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