This is absolutely what the world needs right about now - HOPE, in this case, two glorious minutes of hope. Netflix just released a new trailer for season 3 of their Karate Kid-inspired series Cobra Kai, and I'm so excited that I feel like a kid again! I think that's why the show has become such a pop culture phenomena in 2020, because there is a whole generation of adults (like myself) who are transported back to their youth with the Karate Kid references and cameos, and at the same time, are dying to know what will happen next to grown up Daniel and Johnny.

The trailer for season 3 gives us an idea of what to expect following the season 2 cliffhanger, although it's still vague enough to not really know exactly what to expect. It blends in some tense moments, some inspiring moments, some light-hearted moments, and of course some sweet fight sequences. And towards the very end, a couple of cameos come out of nowhere (actually they come from Okinawa - hint, hint) and absolutely blow your mind. There's even a Dee Snider sighting. If all that weren't enough, there's also some sweet guitar playing "Auld Lang Syne" in the background, getting you all pumped up because you realize that January isn't that far away. Woooo, I am so pyched!!! I've already watched it a handful of times - I'm gonna watch it again right now, with you.

Here's the best part - if, for some reason, you haven't seen any Cobra Kai episodes, there is still plenty of time to get caught up. The episodes are less than 30 minutes long; there are only 10 episodes in each season; and there are only two seasons to get through. I promise, if you watch the first two seasons, you are guaranteed to get super amped by what you see in the season 3 trailer. Both seasons of Cobra Kai, by the way, are available on Netflix.

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