Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn had a royal idea in mind when picking out names for their daughter Kingsley.

In a video interview with Radio.com, Brown reveals that the couple originally thought they were having a boy and had planned to name him Kingston to remain consistent with his dad's KB initials. However, after they learned they were expecting a girl, Brown and his wife began brainstorming other names that start with K, tossing around the idea of naming her "King."

"We thought that would be cool for a girl," he describes. "We just fell in love with the name Kingsley."

The "Homesick" singer was supposed to be on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour  in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation and postponement of most live events and concert tours. For Brown, sheltering at home has allowed him more precious time with his 7-month-old daughter.

"I do look at this as kind of a blessing and a curse, of course, but the blessing for me is just getting to see everything that she does. I'm not missing one second," he explains, sharing that Kingsley has figured out that she has a tongue, so now she keeps her tongue out all the time. He's also anticipating the day when she says her first word and learns how to crawl. "I'm just excited to be able to witness it all," he reflects.

Brown released his new single, "Cool Again," in April 2020 following his duet with John Legend on "Last Time I Say Sorry." He's also featured on a song set to be included on Chris Young's upcoming album and has hinted that a collaboration with Katelyn, who is also a singer, is in the works.

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