Last week when we had those warm days and we were up in the 80s, I got into car and reached for the little bottle of hand sanitizer I keep in the glove box.

It felt warm and it got me to thinking that maybe I'm ruining the effectiveness of the sanitizer by leaving it in my car on a warm day.

Turns out I was thinking about this from the wrong angle.

I could have done some serious damage to my vehicle by leaving that sanitizer in the vehicle.

Here's why I say that:

Good Lord, right?

And, of course, it makes us all realize that this pandemic began during cold weather and now it's getting warmer.

So, if you have a portable hand sanitizer bottle, your best bet is to start bringing it inside with you.

You may not have a very emotional attachment to your glove box or your driver's side door, but you do need them.

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