It's that time of year, the leaves are piling up in yards across the Tri-State and that means raking. You work all day raking leaves piled all around the yard and then what happens? The kids begin jumping into the piles and all of your hard work is for nothing. We've all been there. That being said, jumping into piles of leaves can be a ton of fun - remember when you were a kid? A group of guys recently got together to create what they are calling the world's largest pile of leaves for one big jump. They went around collecting bags of leaves with the sole purpose of having the most fun ever jumping into THAT pile of leaves.

In the end, they collected over 1,400 bags of leaves, which weighed approximately  20,000 pounds and measured 60 feet around. They dumped out all of the leaves in the backyard of one of their houses to make a pile that rose 17 feet in the air.

What do you do with a 17-foot high pile of leaves? Jump off the roof into the pile of course, which is exactly what these guys did with all of their friends. I wouldn't necessarily recommend jumping off a rooftop in to a pile anything, let alone leaves, but they had  a great time and the video has gone viral. It really is pretty cool.

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