The groups Grammy Nomination for Best Country Duo/Group Performance may have been the first time you heard their name, and that's fine. That sure was the first time I heard about them.

When I saw/heard that they were nominated I had to go online and do a double take of the groups picture because I thought I saw Vince Gill standing in the group. Upon close inspection, it was Vince I saw with the bunch. So I went on Youtube and searched for some of the group's music. It was hard to miss Vince Gill's rich tenor vocals gracing the groups overall sound. I had to know more though, so I dug deeper.

The Time Jumpers were established in Nashville in 1998 by essentially, a "Get-together" of high-dollar studio musicians who wanted to spend some spare time drinking beer and jamming with their sonically gifted buddies.  The notion of building a brutally devoted following was the last thing on their minds.  But that’s what happened.  Learning that Monday evenings were the slowest in the week for the Station Inn bluegrass club, the superpickers settled into that fabled venue at the start of each week and set up shop.  Pretty soon Monday nights were sounding a lot like Saturday nights—and drawing large lively crowds.

As word spread along Music Row that something special was happening at Station Inn, big stars began dropping by, some to sit in with the band, others just to enjoy the vast array of country, swing, jazz and pop standards The Time Jumpers rejoiced in playing.  Among those drop-bys were Bonnie Raitt, Reba McEntire, Norah Jones, Robert Plant, The White Stripes, Kings Of Leon, Jimmy Buffet and Kelly Clarkson.  None asked for their money back.

To list the artists these pickers have recorded and toured with would be equivalent to posting all the Billboard country charts for the past 30 years.  Suffice it to say that the list ranges from Ray Price to John Anderson to Carrie Underwood. And the stages these luminaries have graced extend from the Grand Ole Opry to Carnegie Hall.  That there are three fiddles in the band is a tip-off that these guys have an overwhelming affection for western swing.

Their song "On The Outskirts of Town", which gave them their first Grammy Nomination really shows their affluent ability to get down and swing. Watch it below.

The band, which barely fit on that little stage in Station Inn, has moved to 3rd & Lindsley, a larger Nashville watering hole, for its Monday night shows. But the sound is excellent, and the ethos and soul remain as vibrant as ever. I know you love this group as much as I do and are now scouring the web trying to find more music by these guys. This album should tide you over until you get to make the pilgrimage to see them on the outskirts of town. Even if only for one night.

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