Valentine's Day is tomorrow and guys everywhere are shaking in their boots. First of all, I don't really care for Valentine's day...and yes, my wife is aware of that fact. I think it's a very commercial holiday that pressures people into spending money they don't really want to spend or can afford to spend in some cases - it can be a stressful day. I don't want to sound like a complete sap and the ultimate tool, but I firmly believe that the meaning of Valentine's Day should be something we do everyday - not just one day out of the year.

According to a new survey by American Express, millions of men are planning to propose on Valentine's Day and millions of women are expecting a proposal. So, if you think she might be expecting one - be careful - very careful, because that kind of let down can be hard to overcome. Also, the average man will spend about $272 on Valentine's day.

The following is a little V-Day gift advice from your ole' buddy, Jon:

  • DO NOT under any circumstances believe her when she says NOT to get her anything. She may say it and might even be sincere, but if you don't do SOMETHING - your life could become a nightmare from which you cannot me, been there!
  • If you think she might be expecting an engagement ring - DO NOT get her another piece of jewelery that comes in a small box...that could be bad, just sayin'. Get her something else and give her the jewelery later, as maybe a 'just because' gift, which by the way guys, women love. You will be a knight in shining armor with a 'just because' gift at a later time.
  • No appliances, tools or gift cards from any restaurant that specializes in beer and wings.
  • No clothing items - EVER!!! You might get away with it if it's way too small, but if it's too big - I can't even go there, it's to horrible to fathom.
  • Be very careful with stuffed about backfire. GEEZ!
  • If the gift isn't great, but shows you put some real thought into it, you should be good.
  • Beginning the next day, LISTEN TO HER and take notes if necessary so you are totally prepared next year. She will drop subtle hints from time to time. If you pick up on those hints and act on them, you will get hero status.
  • Always be mindful of two things guys: They are ALWAYS right - they really are and they NEVER forget...nuff said, Happy Valentine's Day.