Bill Cosby was one who helped make Jell-O Pudding a household name, but Jell-O has always billed it's delicious temptations as treats designed specifically for adults. They are backing that up with a new vending machine that gives samples of the products, but NOT to kids. The machine is a so called iSample Experience that is being used as a promotional tool and something to get attention from people who are bombarded by standard advertising.

 The vending machine is housed at Shedd's Aquarium in Chicago and uses a face scanner to determine a person's age before dispensing the treat. If the machine decides you're a child....NO TREAT FOR YOU! The machine sounds an alarm and it's screen flashes, "Sorry, kid. You're too young to appreciate indulgence like this."

Jell-O believes they are providing an experience that creates an emotional connection to their brand. This machine is a test machine and they plan to roll out more soon. See the machine in action below...the

Jell-o machine

kids' reaction is hilarious.