The folks at Pepsi came up with a great idea for a new ad that involved Jeff Gordon in disguise and taking a test drive in a new Camaro - Gordon, pretending to be a customer named Mike looking at a Camaro when he is approached by a salesman, Steve. 'Mike' tells Steve he doesn't think he could handle a car like that so, Steve offers a test drive. They get into the car and Gordon races around and at one point, narrowly misses another car, sliding and speeding all over the place while Steve is completely freaking out.

Steve yells to Mike that he is responsible for any damage and orders him to return to the lot. Gordon, 'Mike', just keeps right scaring the crap out of Steve, which is hysterical.

Some have said they think the whole thing was staged because of the a quick disclaimer that appears on the screen saying, 'Closed course, professional not attempt.' I think Pepsi arranged this with local law enforcement and Steve was a real prank victim. The only thing that might have been staged was the car they nearly missed hitting during the test drive, which I'm sure was set-up with a professional driver in that car.

I personally think it's real, but you can judge for yourself below. Real or not, the ad is genius and very funny, enjoy.