It is with mixed feelings that I let you know that my friend, Jason Cullum, is leaving the EPD. A new chapter in his law enforcement career begins right here in Evansville.

My first thought is how sad I am that he will no longer be a regular part of the WKDQ Q Crew Morning Show. Whether he was helping us collect toys for kids in the hospital during the holidays, tirelessly fundraising to take a group of deserving local kids to Disney, helping us all understand when something bad happened in our city, or giving us a hilarious, thoughtful weekly recap of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I loved it. Jason is a wonderful, caring, funny, sweet and amazing community leader with more integrity than most people. He will be missed by all who worked closely with him and all of the people who's lives he had touched.

I will miss seeing him around so much, and I'm sure we will find. or make up, reasons to have him on the air, but I am very excited about what he is doing next. The University of Evansville is lucky to have him. #GoAces #CampusJustGotSafer

Jason's closest co-workers share their sadness and feel wishes on Facebook.

Here are some of his best WKDQ moments.

Don't be a stranger, Jason. I still have hopes that you will, on day, be my next radio husband, xo


Get more info on Jason's new job HERE.

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